Announcing The New Billionaires Options Trader


Due to the incredible success and strong performanc of our Billionaires Portfolio. I will be rolling a super exciting new premium Service called The Billionaires Options Trader. We plan on launching this super premium service in the next couple of weeks, and I am really pumped about it.

The opportunities in options trading right now are incredible for many reasons. First off, in my 14 years of workinng in the hedge fund industy I have never seen so many Billionaire Hedge Fund Investors using options as they are today. I know this from my sources at Hedge Funds and from many interviews I have conducted with Hedge Fund Managers recently.

Why are Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds buying so many outright calls and puts options, well its quite simple.

1) Volatlity is at a 15 year low, It has never been cheaper to buy calls and puts then it is today.
2) Hedge Fund Managers are finding it very expensive to short stocks, not only because the borrowing costs and margin interest is high (as much as 5% annualized) but, its also hard to find the actual shares to short. When you buy a put option you have no interest or financing cost and you are never at risk of a short squeeze.
3) Most Importantly – Huge returns, Billionaire Hedge Funds are now embracing the idea of buying calls and puts because the returns can be so big, were talking 500% 100% etc…
4) The Invention of the Mini Options, in the next three weeks the CBOE will be launching mini options on the most High Priced Stocks such as Apple ($AAPL), Google($GOOG), and Priceline ($PCLN). The Mini Option will let the option user control 10 shares of stock, instead of a 100 which a regular option controls. This will make mini options much cheaper to buy, it will allow the individual investor to buy options on Apple($AAPL) for as cheap as $100 per contract.

So please stay tuned to this blog, as I will obviously give you an exact date when we launch this service.

Will Meade
Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio