Trulia (TRLA) and Zillow (Z) Are Merging. How You could Have Predicted It…


Trulia jumped 35% today and is up more than 50% over the last 2 months on rumors that the two top online real estate websites, Zillow and Trulia are going to merge.

You won’t find merger situations like this looking at charts, fundamentals or research reports. The best way you to predict which stocks will be acquired is by following the smart money, the world’s best billionaire investors and hedge funds.

Billionaire Chase Coleman and his Tiger Global Fund, probably the best technology stock picking hedge fund on the planet, owned almost 5% of Trulia. You could have piggybacked Tiger Global and purchased Trulia for $27 a share this year. That would have given you a double in less than five months.

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Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio