My Comments on Delivering Alpha Conference and How To Trade it


1) Mike Novogratz from Fortress is still bullish on Japan (and so are we at and Argentina, says that Argentinian stocks and currencies are a good bet because the current president is leaving.

2) Billionaire Leon Cooperman had 9 of his 10 stocks show a profit from last year’s conference so here are some of his picks: SandRidge (which we own in The Billionaires Portfolio)

3) Billionaire Stanley Druckenmiller goes for the throat in his criticism of the Fed’s low interest rates.
“I don’t know what it is in their forecasting record that gives them the confidence,” he says to a low gasp and some chuckles. (this is from a guy who dropped out of grad school in Economics at Michigan after one semester!)

4) Accel Partners’ Jim Breyer thinks three Internet companies could be trillion dollar companies in the next 10years: Google, Alibaba or Tencent. Mr. Breyer said he’d buy Alibaba for the right valuation.

Breyer sees a tale of two types of companies landscape right now. Start up/early seed valuations, he said, are very frothy but some will have huge takeouts by the big Internet companies like Google. Others in the consumer Internet space will just die if the big tech firms don’t want them. (exactly why I have been saying the best fund hedge to start today is a long short internet fund

5) Governor Christie tells you to short Tesla, $TSLA. Basically Tesla is in violation of New Jersey Automobile laws and they can no longer sell cars in the state.

6) Billionaire Hedge Fund Manager John Paulson and Larry Robbins both see M&A picking up, especially in energy and media. Paulson like Oasis Petroleum $OAS

7) Paulson is still bullish on the housing market. (He owns Realogy (RLGY) which I think is the best pure play on the residential housing market)

Peltz defends Activist Investing “He says that activists are helping companies and that he doesn’t agree with arguments they are too short-term. He says activists fix what’s wrong and work for all shareholders, even if they sell out” (which is exactly what we do at coinvest and piggyback activist investors)

9) Lastly both Bill Ackman and Nelson Peltz agree that Carl Icahn is the world’s greatest investor, even better than Buffett(we have been saying this for years at

Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio