Gold ($GLD) and Commodities ($SLV,$DBA) are Dead, Hedge Fund are Liquidating


Bloomberg news just reported that Hedge Funds cuts their bets on Gold ($GLD) , and became the most bearish on agricultural commodities since 2007 such as sugar and coffee.

Hedge Funds are spooked that the Federal Reserve will slow the U.S. stimulus programs that have artificially raised prices for raw materials.

Please don’t get caught up trying to buy a dip in Gold ($GLD) or any other commodities, countless Academic research has proven that hedge funds inflows and outflows into commodities tracked by the Commitment of Traders Report have predicted major price moves. Money flows are very important and the “smart money is all out dumping Gold ($GLD) Silver ($SLV) and agricultural commodities ($DBA).

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Will Meade

Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio