Coinvest with the World’s Greatest Investor at a 15% Discount


Everyone knows Carl Icahn is the world’s greatest investor, he has averaged 27% annualized returns for over 52 years, the greatest track record in the history of investing.

Icahn initiated a 6% activist position in Talisman Energy (TLM) last fall at an average price of $11.66. Today you can coinvest with Carl Icahn in Talisman at a 15% discount to what he paid for his 6% stake, as the stock is selling near support at $10 a share.

Talisman is an undervalued oil and gas producer that sports nearly a 3% dividend yield. Icahn has stated that he plans to have discussions with the management and the board of the company, about strategic alternatives including selling all or parts of the company.

By paying the same price or less for Talisman, you are getting to ride Carl Icahn’s Activism for free, and better yet you have a 15% margin of safety, as Talisman is currently selling at a price 15% below to what Icahn paid for his stake.

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Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio