Zynga ($ZNGA) vs $AAPL and Billionaire Tiger Consumer Fund


Zynga ($ZNGA) is up more than 15% in the last two days in a flat market. This is a classic Billionaires stock, it is basically a call option with zero downside. Zynga has zero debt and $1.67 in cash per share. The stock traded for almost its cash position at $2 just over three month ago.

Now there are rumors that Zynga is going to be a big player in the online gambling market. Better yet one of the world’s best Billionaire Hedge Funds Tiger Consumer puchased millions of shares of Zynga last quarter, and is now up more than 50% on their position.

So as every retail investor trys to pick and a bottom in Apple ($AAPL), (and is getting burned every time), instead you could have been making a low risk 50% return on Zynga.


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Will Meade

Editor of The Billioniares Portfolio