Why You’re Not Rich!


Carl Icahn is 80 years old and still puts every penny of his money in the stock market.

Icahn who has the greatest track record in the history of investing destroying even Warren Buffett has averaged 27% a year for 52 years. To put this in perspective if you would have invested $1000 dollars with Carl Icahn 52 years ago you would be worth almost $230 million dollars today!

If you would have invested $10,000 dollars with Carl Icahn 52 years ago you would now be worth more $2.3 Billion Dollars!

But you,like most investors, are not worth a rounding error on that sum of money.


Because you invest like the herd. You panic and sell stocks on any bad news. You buy stocks when they have already broken out or are at new highs.

You diversify or deworsify by putting your money in negative return assets like gold and treasuries.

Your only 30,40,50 even 60 years old and you invest like the world is going to end, like its 2008 again, don’t you?

Yet Icahn who is almost 80 and has a lot more to lose than you, invests almost 100% of his $25 billion dollar plus net worth in stocks. Icahn doesn’t worry about 2008. Heck he lost 34% of his money in 2008. But he never stopped buying stocks, and 6 years later he is up more than 300% …he quadrupled his net worth. Did You?

No, you listened to herd-like advice from unsophisticated-uneducated brokers-advisors who charge you high fees for 6% annual returns, that’s 21 percentage points less than what 80 year old Icahn returns every year.

You also sell stocks too quickly, and you never let your profits run. Icahn holds stocks for two or three years even when he is down 50% or more on one of his positions.

You never buy dips or buy more of a stock when it goes down. Do you? Icahn does, and he is worth $25 billion.

So stop investing like the herd, invest like a billionaire, heck start investing like Icahn.

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Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio