The Icahn Effect – FDO

Carl Icahn disclosed a 9.4% stake in Family Dollars stores on June 6. The stock gapped up more than 16% on the news. Today Icahn is beginning to rattle the cage at FDO. He’s demanding a sale of the company to drive shareholder value. We’ve followed Icahn on four stocks in our premium service, The Billionaires Portfolio. Icahn’s continued investing success can be attributed to one important talent: He’s a change-maker.

When we follow him, we can be assured that he has a plan for change and that he will fight to make it happen. Plus, when we follow Icahn, we get an added bonus that few, if any, other big time investors summon: Because of his great success, his campaigns tend to attract other influential investors to join in – stacking the odds even more favorably for shareholders.

Here’s a look at the Icahn effect on FDO thus far:

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