The Billionaires Secret


As everyone knows my goal in starting the Billionaires Portfolio, is to empower and educate the everyday investor on the investment strategies and techniques that Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds use to generate huge eye popping returns in the markets. Remember the Billionaires I am talking about are self made Billionaires, they are investors who have compounded their money at 30% to 35% a year.

Think about it this way, the average 401k or retirement account today is $80,000 according to Fidelity, $80,000 compounded at 35% a year for 20 years is $32 million dollars, am amazing amount. You will never get even a 15% annual return from investing in mutual funds, so there is no point in putting your hard earned money in mutual funds, its an industry based on mediocrity. The top 5 biggest funds that manage a combined $100 billion dollars in stocks, averaged 7.5% a year over the last 10 years,  an incredibly mediocre return.

So how do you return 30% to 35% a year, and how does the everyday person become a Billionaire? I have studied Billionaires and their investing habits for over 10 years and here are some secrets that I have found:

1) Billionaires and people who have become self made Billionaires never ever, let me repeat this again, never ever invested their money in mutual funds.

2) Billionaires use Leverage, it was just discovered by the genius Hedge Fund Firm AQR that 99% of Warren Buffett’s return has come from his use of leverage, his stock portfolio was leveraged 160% or 1.6 times. Buffett learned that you must take risk to get rich.

3) Billionaires make concentrated bets, when they feel that have an edge or their is a great trade, they bet big, that is why I only follow Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds  who buy 5% or more of a company.

4) Billionaires make money in a variety of ways, stocks, commodities, and going short, So how does the every day investor do this? through leveraged ETFs. Leveraged ETFs offer the cheapest leverage in the world a borrowing cost of 1% I can leverage my money by 300% using leveraged ETFs, if I tried this through a brokerage firm or a bank they would charge me 6% to get that type of leverage.

If you subscribe to my Billionaires Portfolio, not only will I tell you about the most lucrative stocks that the worlds best Billionaire Investors and Hedge Funds are buying, but I will also tell you when to buy these stocks, based on over 10 years of backtesting, and how much to buy. Also I will tell you all the secrets that I have learned from studying Billionaires and their investing habits.

Oh and by the way my service The Billionaires Portfolio has returned 16% in less than 6 months, that’s a 35% annualized return, right in line with the Billionaire Investors I follow.

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Will Meade

Editor of the Billionaires Portfolio