Apple: What The World’s Greatest Investor Is Saying About It!


Carl Icahn, the world’s greatest investor, is on pace to become the world’s richest man. And he has had a lot to say about Apple’s stock in the past week.

On Wednesday, he tweeted the following: “As we said at conference yesterday, we continue to believe $AAPL remains meaningfully undervalued. Many analysts fail to understand company” and “agree completely with $AAPL’s increased buyback and extremely pleased with results. Believe we’ll also be happy when we see new products.”

Remember, I am the man that called the bottom in Apple in the summer of 2013. I was profiled on CNN/Money saying Apple had bottomed around $400. I was the first and only person in the investment community to become bullish on Apple during this time.

I am more bullish than ever on Apple now. The 7-to-1 stock split will drop the cost of the stock to $80 from $547. That means every parent will now be able buy their kids Apple stock as a birthday gift, every small investor who couldn’t afford Apple at $550, will now be able to buy 5 shares of Apple at $80. This is guaranteed built in demand that will come into Apple’s stock when it splits in June of this year.

How do you profit from it? Well, I am quite confident that Apple will go up 20% or more by June of this year. And there is a trade that I am eyeing on Apple which has the potential to make 500% or more if I am right. It’s a low cost trade, one that will only cost you $690 but has the potential to make $3000 or more.

Remember, the world’s greatest investor, Carl Icahn, a man who has averaged 27.6% a year for 52-years (the greatest single track record of any investor, including old man Buffett) has also told you Apple is extremely undervalued. Icahn is so good, if you would have given him $10,000 when he first started his fund 52 years-ago you would now have an amazing $2.5 billion. So even if you don’t listen to me, listen to Icahn.

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Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio