How David Tepper became a Billionaire and How You Can Too!


David Tepper is simply the world’s best investor, he has averaged 41% annualized for 21 years in his flagship hedge fund Appaloosa Partners. That means $10000 invested with David Tepper 21 years ago would now be worth almost $12 Million Dollars!

David Tepper is worth more than $8 Billion dollars and he is a completely self made.

Tepper did not grow up rich nor is he some fancy ivy league grad or rocket scientist phd, he has a degree from a state school the University of Pittsburgh.

Yet Tepper has beat the pants off every other single hedge fund manager in the world, even without the fancy Harvard of Stanford MBA.

He did this by following 3 simple rules:

1) Only buy stocks or asset classes when there is a Catalyst

2) Only by stocks or asset classes after a major sell-off, (this is called forced selling)

3) Look anywhere and everywhere for value across the globe, emerging markets etc.

This is the exact same philosophy we use at, where we only buy a stock, etf or asset class when there is a catalyst, we are deep value distressed investors, just like David Tepper, and we will go anywhere to find value.

Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio