Why You Dont Need a PHD or MD From Johns Hopkins or Harvard to Get Rich Investing in Biotech Stocks


I love biotech stocks, not only are they non correlated to the stock market and economy, but a lot of the companies are actually improving the world by creating drugs that are curing serious diseases. As a student at The Johns Hopkins University I became very familiar with the Biotech Industry and have been enamored with it ever since.

Even better biotech stocks are red hot, the sector has been one of the best performers this year up 17% YTD and 66% in 2013. Small cap biotech stocks have performed even better, last year alone there were 14 biotech stocks that went up more than 500% and 4 that went up more than 1000%.

So how do you find the best small cap biotech stocks, the ones that go up 500% a 1000% in a year. Its simple you piggyback the stocks owned by the best biotech hedge funds in the world.

There are about 6 to 8 superstar biotech hedge funds, and all of them invest in the small cap homerun type biotech stocks. These hedge funds are run by managers with PHDs, MDs from the top schools in the world Stanford, Harvard and Johns Hopkins. Moreover these managers have medical and research experience at hospitals universities and labs, so they really know how to analyze biotech companies and their drugs. Furthermore many of these hedge funds were up 80% or more in 2013 and are up 25% YTD.

In our Billionaire’s Portfolio Service we own 4 biotech stocks, all of which are owned by some of the top biotech hedge funds as well. Our Biotech portfolio has crushed the market YTD with one biotech stock that has almost tripled.

Will Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio