Wall Street Just told you the best return you can get is 11% a year


Bloomberg had an article this morning on the best performing mutual fund over the last 10 years its run by the 71 year old Mario Gabelli and its (no joke) called the Mighty Mites Fund (no joke). The fund has been the best performing equity mutual fund over the last 10 years yet is has only averaged 11% a year.

This is sad, basically the best mutual fund or investment product offered to retail investors can only produce 11% a year over the last 10 years versus an 8% return in the S&P 500. Even worse the Mighty Mites fund holds more than 450 stocks making it basically a closet index fund, on top of that Cornball Gabelli charges you a hefty 1.41% management fee.

Investors should be upset at this I am, and that’s one of the main reasons I started The Billionaires Portfolio to give the everday investor access to hedge fund type returns.

I have published many times my exhaustive performance study of piggybacking the world’s best billionaire investors and hedge funds.

If you would have simply purchased every stock owned by what I call the ‘Activist Master Select Group” which includes managers like Carl Icahn, Bill Ackman you would have returned 24.5% annualized over the last 10 years.

That 24.5% is more than double the return of the best performing mutual fund (11.4% annualized) and it costs less than a mutual fund at only $299. To get a copy of my study and to subscribe to the Billionaires Portfolio visit us at Billionaires Portfolio

Will Meade
President of the Billionaires Portfolio