The Greatest Investor You’ve Never Heard Of And How He Returned 54% A Year Over The Past 5-Years


His name is “J”, and he runs a $40 million fund which has generated an incredible 54% annualized return over the last five years. To put this in perspective if you would have invested just $15,000 in J’s fund in 2009 you would now have more than $130,000 dollars!

J returned 264.38% in 2009 and had 2 stocks that went up 1000% or more. Even more impressive his fund only lost 9% in 2008 versus a 37% loss in the S&P 500. J has not only crushed the market indices but he has done it with less risk.

To put J’s 54% annualized return in perspective, no other mutual fund or hedge fund in the world has a better 5 year track record. This means over the last 5 years not one fund (over 18,000 funds) has better performance than his.

The name of this fund and the manager is…

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