How this “regular guy investor” Became a Billionaire by Simply Buying Call Options on Blue Chip Stocks


Hedge funds have been getting a lot of negative press due to their mediocre performance but one hedge fund has quietly been blowing the doors off the industry. The Marlin Fund run by Michael Masters, who was once profiled in the book Stock Market Wizards, has quietly averaged 44% a year since 1995.

That means $1000 invested in the Marlin Fund would now be worth $1 Million dollars today!

In 2012 he more than doubled the return of the S&P 500 with a 39% return then in 2013 he returned an incredible 100%.

Let me repeat that Michael Masters of the Marlin Fund returned 100% last year.

How does Masters produce these eye popping returns? He does it by simply trading call options on blue chip stocks. Last year Masters made 100% by simply buying call options on Apple, Chevron, Citigroup and Delta Airlines stocks that everyone in the world has heard of and he did this while managing more than a billion dollars.

Even more interesting is that Michael Masters is not some quant PHD or Wall Street trader. Michael Masters is just a regular guy from Marietta, Georgia who graduated from the University of Tennessee (a school not even ranked in the top 100 Universities according to US News). In fact his only experience in investing was working as a local stock broker before he started his hedge fund at 27.

Yet Master’s fund has beaten almost every single hedge fund and investor in the world. Masters currently manages more than $2 billion dollars and has one of the longest track records of any fund I have ever seen.

I have spend the last month studying all of the filings and interviews on Michael Masters, and I have finally figured out how he trades options so successfully and trust me you will be amazed at how simple and easy it is.

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Will Meade