Warren Buffett Just Told You The Secret of Investing! You Just Have To Listen


Warren Buffett held his annual Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting last Saturday and of all the advice that he gave out, one thing really stood out. Buffett suggested that investors should allocate 90% of their entire net worth to stocks — and only 10% in short term treasuries.

This is incredibly important because this absolutely flies in the face of conventional wisdom.

So Buffett said when he dies he will put all his money into a trust for his wife. And he had advised the trustee to put only 10% of it in short term treasuries and 90% into the S&P 500 index fund.

Listen, the world’s greatest and richest investor just told you, for free, how you should manage your retirement portfolio and your net worth.

Don’t pay your financial advisor, stock broker, financial planner, etc 2% of your net worth to allocate your assets, fire them! Do what Buffett says. Buffett is everything your broker, advisor and banker isn’t. Buffett is the richest and most successful investor in the world, educated at Wharton and Columbia. Yet you pay your broker/advisor 2% of your money. He isn’t a billionaire. He doesn’t have Buffett’s record of success.

So take good advice, especially when its free. And maybe you too can become rich like Buffett. Invest 90% of your money in stocks. Sell your gold, your long term bonds, your ETFs, covered calls, annuities and all of the other crap in your portfolio, and take Buffett’s advice.

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