Feb. 11, 2013 — Further Evidence on Why Following Billionaire Hedge Fund Managers Works

At BillionairesPortfolio.com, our research process is rooted in this philosophy: Activist investors create value in stocks, while we go along for the ride.

Arguing support for our niche investment research, yesterday, Mark Connors, the founder of Risk Dimensions, had these comments concerning hedge funds and their new investment strategy of creating instant value in the company’s they invest in:

“These new market conditions are causing hedge funds, when possible to create events or catalysts that will help them make money.

“Hedge fund investors are also operating to a greater extent in the same space as retail investors when they can. With Apple, you have an investor [Einhorn] trying to “bend time” to benefit his position now, potentially impacting the company and ordinary investors.

“Hedge funds [are] moving from the trading room where they were able to make money to the board room.”

Connors says he expects the trend to continue.

Bottom Line: This market environment is ripe for activist hedge funds, and billionaire hedge fund managers to create instant shareholder value by shaking up companies with catalysts. Which should mean more, and bigger gains for our Billionaire’s Portfolio service.

At the BillionairesPortfolio.com we track all of the major hedge funds and their stock picks in real time, and then analyze and recommend only the best investment opportunities to our subscribers.

So stay tuned, as this year should be incredibly exciting and lucrative as we piggyback the world’s best billionaire investors.