What the Fed Whisperer is now saying and why you need to listen!


I have told you that Bryan Rich is one of the best global macro strategists in the world. And I have told you that he has pretty much called every top and bottom in every asset class and every market in this year.

Yesterday, with Bernanke’s latest push-back on higher yields, once again, Bryan hit the nail on the head.

Let’s review some of Bryan’s calls … (and for those who are cynics, all of his calls are on this blog archived, and on his website www.fxtraderprofessional.com)

1) Bryan told my Billionaire’s Portfolio subscribers back in December that 2013 would be a very good year for stocks. Despite all of the fear (fiscal cliff, Europe, sequestration, slowing China, etc.), he said the next wave of global monetary easing that started in late 2012 was a greenlight to buy stocks. He was absolutely right. The S&P 500 is up more than 17% year to date, bonds have been killed and gold has been crushed. Bryan told you that you should be 100% allocated to stocks, no bonds, gold etc. Treasuries are down 7%, Gold is down 25% and stocks are up big.

Now, I know your shallow thinking broker or advisor put you in an asset allocation model, right? I’m sure it consisted of typical mix of gold, bonds and stock. With that, you’re only up about 7% right? That’s not OK! That’s horrible. Your broker/ advisor should be fired. So you took all of the downside when stocks crashed in 2008-2009… and for that you get 7% when stocks are on fire. That’s bad investing.

If your scared to fire your broker, call me I will fire him. I eat brokers for lunch. They are generally lazy, uneducated, and they have never traded or worked for a hedge fund. They suck money out of you like a leech. And they never make you any money.

3) Bryan called the top in gold not once, not twice but three times. And he did it on this blog! Gold is down 25% this year! Did your broker, market guru or slick CNBC guy tell you to sell gold? I doubt it. So you probably lost your kids tuition on gold. If you did, fire your broker and cancel that your financial newsletters, newspapers, TV shows — they are losing you money.

4) Bryan told you that Japan was the trade of the decade. He told you if you purchased a yen-hedged Japanese Stock ETF, you would make a lot of money. He has been dead-on again. My subscribers have made double digit returns in a week on this trade, and will continue to print money owing yen-hedged Japanese Stocks.

5) Bryan has told you to buy every dip in the stock market, even as the rest of the world was screaming from the roof tops to sell. He has told you that the Fed is on the investor’s side! The Fed wants the stock and housing markets to go up. They need it! Don’t fight the Fed. It’s their market right now. Bryan was dead-on. Your loser gurus and brokers who told you to sell in June look pretty stupid now right! Fire them. Life is too short for people who are wrong.

6) Bryan has told you a million times that the Fed will continue their monetary easing path (QE), even as the Taper talk started months ago. What happened? Yesterday we see Bryan was right again. The Fed is not going to do anything to jeopardize the rise in stocks and the stability in housing.

So how do you get Bryan’s spot-on top-down market analysis? It’s simple. You subscribe to my Billionaires Portfolio at www.billionairesportfolio.com.

Even if you don’t buy my favorite stocks, a portfolio that is up more than 26% in less than 11 months, you can at least have your money in the right place, at the right time through Bryan’s analysis. I bet your broker isn’t up 26%. If he isn’t, fire him.

Please do this for your kids and your wife. Do it for you. If there is one thing I can guarantee in investing, it’s that being an average guy that is sitting in the middle of the herd is a recipe of losing money. And that is how the industry is structured, for you to walk with the herd. Be strong, be confident and invest your own money, pull it away from those greedy banks and brokerage firms. Remember, they drove us into this horrible credit crisis. Do it. Be independent!

Be different. If you want to learn more go to www.billionairesportfolio.com.

That’s it!

William Meade
President of The Billionaires Portfolio.