The ETF that could go up 1000%


Last night, I was talking to my friend and business partner, Bryan Rich of Logic Fund Management, about a new hedge fund he is starting. He laid out his elaborate investment thesis on what he says is the biggest economic catalyst we’ve seen in this crisis era. “It’s going to make people very rich,” he says.

While his fund will use sophisticated instruments, he mentioned to me that he had just told everyone he knows to position in a simple ETF for what he calls the “trade of the decade.” That includes his Dad, former colleagues (many of whom are traders at hedge funds and work at some of the biggest bank trading desks) and some of his super high-net worth clients.
Bryan said this trade will, by far, have the most important influence on the global economy and the global financial markets of anything we’ve seen yet in this crisis era. And he thinks, looking back in ten years, it will be a trade that makes billionaires and defines the careers of the best hedge funds and traders in the world.

So for his friends and family, he said he is telling them to buy this ETF to take advantage. Based on his research, he thinks we will see it up 1,000% in the next 5 years – and 100% by the end of the year.
He also told me that this ETF, which has had a strong move this year, has recently pulled back to a crucial support level, and that he could not believe what a gift this market was giving us.

Well I thought about what he was telling me about this ETF, the massive fundamentals behind it, and how it had perfectly retraced back to its trend line last night. I also looked at the chart and couldn’t believe not only how fast moving this ETF was, but also how oversold it was over the past two weeks.

So of course, I wanted to share this with you. Full disclosure: I’ve taken his advice for this big theme-driven trade and I’m long already.

As many of you know, my partner Bryan Rich was a trader one of the best global macro hedge funds in the world. He’s also one of the best global investment strategists in the world. And his big investment thesis, the one that is behind this trade I’ve described, is the impetus for a new event-driven macro hedge fund he’s developing.

Just look at previous blog posts to see some of Bryan’s calls. He was the guy that told you to sell gold at $1522, then again at $1460 and then again $1440 — making many of our readers thousands of dollars as they purchased put option and leveraged inverse ETFs on gold.

You likely know that Bryan and I run a service for average, everyday investors called The Billionaires Portfolio. For subscribers of The Billionaires Portfolio we have a very simple process: I only hand select stocks that have the potential to produce multiples of what we pay for them, and only when a powerful, billionaire investor owns the stock too — and is imposing his will on the company. Owning a portfolio of these types of stocks with limited downside and unlimited upside is the only way professional investors get rich. And that’s what we do. And we can do it for you.
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and I will tell you exactly what investment Bryan has told his friends and family to buy for what he calls the trade of the decade.

Will Meade
President of the Billionaires Portfolio